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Article: Extended Warranty at Roll & Pole

Extended Warranty at Roll & Pole - Roll and Pole

Extended Warranty at Roll & Pole

Overview of Roll & Pole's Warranty Conditions

At Roll&Pole, we are committed to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction and confidence in our products. That's why we offer a robust five-year warranty for our cross skates and cross-roller skis.

Warranty Duration:
Enjoy a 5-year warranty on all Cross Skates and roller-skis, reflecting our trust in our product's quality and durability.

Coverage Details:
Our warranty covers all non-wear and tear parts, assuming the damage has occurred under correct usage conditions.

Extension Opportunity:
Customers have the opportunity to extend their warranty to 6 years if they complete the warranty extension form within two weeks of purchase. Complete the Warranty Extension Form


Roll&Pole products have stood the test of time. Many customers still inquire about spare parts for models purchased nearly two decades ago. Driven by our confidence in our products' quality and durability, we proudly offer a 5-year warranty to ensure ongoing customer satisfaction and spare part availability.

Warranty Duration and Invoices

The offer of a 5-year warranty is unmatched and signifies our confidence in our product quality. Customers are advised to keep their purchase invoices, which will facilitate any warranty claims. Extending the warranty for an additional year is possible through registration on, a testament to our commitment to our customers and the sport of cross skating.

Coverage Details

The warranty comprehensively covers all non-wear and tear parts. This includes components like the trigger unit (View Trigger Units), frames (View Frames), and front bindings for various models (View Fire 150/200 Bindings, View Tour 200 Bindings, View Tour 150 Bindings). Wear and tear parts such as tires, inner tubes, bearings, and belts are not covered but are available at fair prices in our store.

RFID and Serial Numbers

We meticulously track every production unit of our cross skates, roller skis, and the Wahia brake using RFID and Serial numbers. These identifiers, included in the same sales box as the product, allow us to maintain detailed oversight over the quality and history of each item.

Extension Opportunity

We encourage customers to extend their warranty to 6 years by filling out the warranty extension form available at Roll&Pole within two weeks of purchase. This not only increases the warranty period but also ensures faster service should a claim be necessary. Link to Warranty Form

The Skate That Withstands Time

Our commitment to durability is evident as many of our cross skates, such as those from the initial v07 series, are still in use today. The successor to this durable line, the v07 Base Starter Kit and the v7 Plus Pro, reflects our continuous improvement and dedication to longevity.

Our Commitment to Continuous Improvement

Recent enhancements to our products have significantly decreased failure rates, affirming our dedication to quality. Roll&Pole continues to advance our product lines and streamline services to address any customer issues swiftly and efficiently.


Roll&Pole aims to provide customers with additional security and confidence in their purchases through extended warranty periods. This ensures spare parts availability and continued enjoyment of our products, prolonging your cross skating adventure.

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