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Article: Unpacking your v9 FIRE Series Skikes

Unpacking your v9 FIRE Series Skikes - Roll and Pole

Unpacking your v9 FIRE Series Skikes


v9 Series Skike Cross Skates

Discover the exhilarating world of the v9 FIRE series Skikes, which includes the v9 FIRE 150, 200 and v9 Teen models.

Designed for both on-road and off-road skating, these Skikes cater to those who seek adventure beyond the pavement. Enjoy the experience of both classic- and skate-skiing on nearly any terrain with these high-performance cross-skates.

Unboxing Your v9 FIRE Skike Cross Skates

Scope of Delivery Skike Cross Skates

Upon opening your v9 Skikes box, you will find:

  • Two frame sets with pre-mounted front bindings and trigger units.
  • Four wheels (two equipped with reverse locking mechanisms) 
  • Two fully assembled brake sets ready for easy mounting.
  • A quick-start guide, complete with all necessary assembly tools, two binding adapters, and two levers for the reverse locks.
  • One axle screw set for wheel mounting.

Before mounting your wheels to your skike, we recommend inflating the wheels to the recommended PSI/BAR, which you can find on the tire sidewall. Identify the wheels with black cones as the non-reverse locking wheels, while those with flat bearings as the reverse locking ones.

Setting Up Your v9 Fire skike Cross Skates

Your v9 Skikes arrive nearly fully assembled, requiring only a few simple steps to prepare for use:

  1. Mounting the Wheels: The forks on the skike Cross Skates have three holes for mounting the wheels. Starting with the middle hole is recommended, but you can choose the lower or upper holes to adjust the ground clearance according to your preference. 
    mounting a wheel Skike Cross Skates
  2. Installing Reverse LocksWhen mounting the front wheels you have to account for the levers of the reverse locks, these have to be inserted between the wheel and forks, the direction of the wheel is indicated on the threading.
    Installing Reverse Locks and aligning wheels
  3. Wheel alignment:
    a) tighten axle screws and run skike along a 5meter long line by holding it upright at the trigger unit, the trigger unit should be at a 90º angle to the floor and the skate should run along the line with less than 3cm play;
    b) in case of misalignment, loosen the screws slightly on the wheels of the skate that is misaligned, spin them and press in the opposite direction of the misalignment.
  4. Brake Installation: Slide the brake sets up into the trigger unit. Adjust the brake settings for optimal response, we suggest making it more reactive if you are new to the sport.  Inserting brakes on skike Cross Skates

Adjusting Your v9 FIRE Skike Cross Skates for Comfort and Performance

Remember to adjust your Skikes for optimal comfort and safety, the skike should fit comfortably onto both your shoes and legs, adjust the parts in a way where you are standing in them securely, make sure to fasten the belts, but not to the point of discomfort.

  • Heel Belt: Loosen the screws on the side and adjust the heel belt so that you can securely stand on the foot plate.
    Adjusting heel belt
  • Calf Plate: Adjust to fit the contours of your calves, the calf plates can be both adjusted left and right and up and down to fit you ideally
    Adjust Calf Plate Skike
  • Belts and Pads: The belts and pads are set up to be easily adjusted to the individual, we suggest first taking off the universal pads, adjusting the belts to fit around your feet and placing the universal pads between the spots that exert the most pressure. You can also abstain from the pads if you prefer and only use belts.
    Adjust cross skate belts and insert belt clips

  • Adjusting the Brakes: Slide the brakes so that they make contact with wheel when your legs are nearly straight (80-85 degrees) and then adjust the angle of the brakes so that it sit fully on the wheel, the angle can be adjusted by slightly loosening the screws and then bushing the brakes either up or down
  • Heel Lift: Fasten with the extra binding adapter underneath the heel plate to switch from the default classic style to a fixed skating style

Maintenance Tips

Keep your v9 Skikes in peak condition with these simple maintenance routines:

  • Cleaning: Regularly clean your Skikes to remove dirt and debris using a soft-bristled brush or damp cloth, followed by drying with a dry cloth to prevent rust or corrosion.
  • Lubrication: Use a silicone-based lubricant on moving parts like wheel bearings and axle screws to ensure smooth operation.
  • Inspection and Replacement: Regularly inspect wheels, brakes, and other parts for wear. Replace parts like tires and brake pads when necessary to maintain performance and safety.
  • Storage: Store your Skikes in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to preserve their condition and extend their lifespan.


The v9 FIRE series Skike Cross Skates are built to push limits and open up new skating experiences on varied terrains, making them ideal for adventurous skaters. Robust construction combined with advanced features assures durability and performance.


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