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Explore the great outdoors like never before with skike's V7 and V9 cross skates. Our V9 series features specialized TOUR technology for tackling rugged terrains and innovative FIRE technology for a unique heel lift experience. For those seeking a fixed-heel design, both our V7 and v9 series offers the FIX technology, providing exceptional control on any surface. Choose the skike that's right for you and embark on your next adventure.

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skike v9 FIRE 200skike v9 FIRE 200
skike v9 FIRE 200 Sale price2.923,00 zł
skike v9 TOUR 200skike v9 TOUR 200
skike v9 TOUR 200 Sale price3.148,00 zł
skike v9 FIRE 150skike v9 FIRE 150
skike v9 FIRE 150 Sale price2.698,00 zł
skike v9 TOUR 150skike v9 TOUR 150
skike v9 TOUR 150 Sale price2.923,00 zł
skike v7 Plus Proskike v7 Plus Pro
skike v7 Plus Pro Sale price1.795,00 zł
skike starter-set: v07 Base + Polesskike starter-set: v07 Base + Poles
Sold outskike v9 TEEN 150skike v9 TEEN 150
skike v9 TEEN 150 Sale price2.248,00 zł