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one4TOUR 3Piece Pole, 95-175 cm

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The one4TOUR is a 3-pcs. adjustable pole which is the perfect solution for each journey because it will fit into nearly every bag or suitcase. Disassembled this model brings it to a gross length of only 73 cm. The middle and lower shaft can easily fixed and loosened by a quick release system. This offers a variable length from 95 up to 175 cm. 100% Carbon material makes this pole an absolute lightweight. The pole4TOUR is the world's only travel pole providing quality performance  for Cross Skating, Cross Skiing / XC and Nordic Walking.

Technical details

Class : 3 piece telescope detachable
Carbon : HM 100% Taper Rolling Technology 70g/m

Shafts : upper Ø 14mm, middle Ø 16mm, lower Ø 16mm
Quick releases : yes, at all connectors
Length : 73cm (disassembled)
adjustable : 95 - 175cm
grip : foam, thumb straps
tips : professional, tungsten
pads : rubber
reflective elements : yes
travel bag : yes

Scope of delivery

2 complete poles with 3 shafts each
2x multi grip
2x thumb strap
2x professional tips
2x pads for profi tip
1x travel bag
+Pole is ready to use.

one4TOUR 3Piece Pole, 95 - 175 cm - Roll and Pole
one4TOUR 3Piece Pole, 95-175 cm Sale price€149,89 Regular price€179,89

Skike one4TOUR: Your Ultimate Travel Companion

The Skike one4TOUR is the perfect travel companion for cross-skating enthusiasts. This 3-piece, 100% carbon pole packs down to a compact size, yet extends to a comfortable length for your skating adventures.

One4Tour Bag: Easy Carry for Your Cross-Skating Poles

Designed for effortless transport, the Skike Pole Bag conveniently stores and protects your poles when not in use. Easily sling it over your shoulder when you decide to switch to skating, keeping your poles safe and out of the way. Its lightweight and compact design ensures your poles are always within reach for your next cross-skating adventure!

Our most Versatile Pole

Find Your Pole

To find your ideal pole length, we generally suggest 85% of your height. For a person who is 165 cm tall, the ideal length is around 140 cm (4' 7").

However, personal preference and terrain play a role. Some might prefer slightly longer poles , while others may opt for shorter poles.

We recommend choosing a pole that can adjust between 80% and 90% of your height for maximum versatility.

For someone 165 cm (5' 5") tall, this means a range between 132 cm (4' 4") and 149 cm (4' 11").

Find your Pole

secure for any terrain

one4tour: The Versatile Companion for Every Cross-Skate

The Skike one4TOUR is our most versatile cross-skating pole, boasting the greatest adjustable length range (95-175 cm). Crafted from 100% carbon, this 3-piece pole offers unmatched lightness and responsiveness for all levels and terrains. Its ergonomic cork grip, comfortable straps, and professional tungsten-tipped pads ensure a secure and efficient skating experience. Whether you're exploring city streets or venturing off-road, the one4TOUR adapts to your needs and provides optimal performance on every adventure.

A Comprehensive, Low-Impact Workout

What Makes Cross Skating Great

Cross Skating is a full-body sport that trains over 90% of your muscles, promoting coordination and balance. It enhances cardiovascular and muscular endurance through prolonged, intense activity. The low-impact nature, with pneumatic wheels absorbing most of the pressure, minimizes shocks to your joints compared to running. Enjoy a total body workout that’s gentle on your joints and great for overall fitness.

Ready to experience the benefits? Start your Cross Skating journey today!

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A woman on a v9 FIRE 200 Skike Cross Skate
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