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skike v9 TEEN 150

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The long awaited cross skate model TEEN especially for kids, teenagers and other little sportsmen. While having a short wheelbase, this model has all the advantages, functions and durability of regular offroad skates. The use of ultralight materials (high performance plastic in the body, aluminium frame) provides a long-lasting skating experience, full control and maximum manoeuvrability in the terrain. The device offers you the free choice between heel lift function and fixed heel mode. Depending on your wishes, you can ride in skating with your heels fixed, or lifted. The skike TEEN has 150mm / 6 inch pneumatic wheels with offroad tread.

Technical Specs

  • Frame : Aluminum, 290mm
  • Wheels : 6 x 1.25 inch / 150 x 30mm
  • Pneumatic tires : Innova 100 PSI
  • Heel lift function : selectable / Fix or Lift mode
  • Brakes : yes, adjustable
  • Shoe Sizes : 36 - 44 (22,4 - 27,4cm)
  • Reverse Locks : yes, in both front wheels
  • Max. body weight ~ 60kg / 135 lbs.

Scope of Delivery:

  • 1 pair of V9 TEEN 150 = 2 cross skates
  • 2 binding adapters for fixed heel mode
  • 1 tool set for any screw on the device
  • 1 user manual

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We offer a 5 Year Limited Warranty on all our skikes

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Fire Skating

Heel lift

Experience the versatility of the Skike V9 Fire 150's innovative heel lift technology. Designed to mimic the natural motion of classic cross-country skiing, this feature allows your heel to lift freely during the kick phase, maximizing power transfer and efficiency. With a simple adjustment, you can switch between fixed heel for skating and free heel for classic skiing, making the V9 Fire 150 the perfect all-in-one cross-skate for any adventure.

Climb any slope

Reverse locks

Conquer any terrain with the Skike V9 Fire 150's innovative reverse lock technology. This feature prevents the front wheels from rotating backward, ensuring optimal grip and control during uphill climbs or when navigating challenging terrain. With the reverse locks engaged, you can confidently push off without the risk of slipping, allowing you to explore new trails and conquer steeper slopes with ease.

Fits any Shoes

Perfect Fit for Anyone

Embrace the thrill of cross-skating with the Skike V9 FIRE 200, designed to fit every adventurer. With adjustable straps and a comfortable fit for various shoe sizes, this model accommodates riders up to 120 kg (265 lbs), ensuring a secure and enjoyable ride on any terrain. Whether you're exploring trails or cruising through the city, the Skike V9 FIRE 200 offers a perfect fit for every adventure.

Low impact

Low Impact 150mm Pneumatic Wheels

The Skike V9 FIRE 150 features low-impact 150mm pneumatic wheels, perfect for both smooth and rough surfaces. These wheels provide excellent cushioning and traction, making them ideal for asphalt and country lanes alike.

Versatile and Lightweight Skates

The Skike V9 Fire 150 is perfect for both skating and classic cross-country skiing simulation. Its robust design makes it ideal for off-road and varied terrain, offering exceptional performance and ease of use. This model comes fully equipped with a heel lift mechanism for classic skiing, easily adjustable straps, and an intuitive braking system.

secure for any terrain

Powerful design

The Skike V9 Fire 150 features a sturdy aluminum frame for enhanced durability and performance. The reliable braking system and 6-inch pneumatic tires with reverse locks on the front wheels offer exceptional control and safety on varied terrain, allowing you to skate with confidence anytime, anywhere.

A Comprehensive, Low-Impact Workout

What Makes Cross Skating Great

Cross Skating is a full-body sport that trains over 90% of your muscles, promoting coordination and balance. It enhances cardiovascular and muscular endurance through prolonged, intense activity. The low-impact nature, with pneumatic wheels absorbing most of the pressure, minimizes shocks to your joints compared to running. Enjoy a total body workout that’s gentle on your joints and great for overall fitness.

Ready to experience the benefits? Start your Cross Skating journey today!

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