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skike r9 WAHIA Rollerski 200 RLS

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Introducing the Wahia, the ultimate all-terrain roller. With a lightweight, high-resistant aluminum frame and pneumatic 8-inch wheels, the Wahia combines the handling of a ski roller with the rough road capabilities of a skike cross skate. You can easily attach any ski binding and ride it on any surface, with support for NN, NNN, NNN-BC, and Salomon SNS bindings. Plus, the integrated reverse locks at the front wheels provide better climbing performance on slopes.

Whether you're traveling on paved roads or rugged terrain, the Wahia promises an unparalleled skating experience. Get ready to redefine outdoor adventure.

Technical Specs

Frame : Aluminum
Wheels : 6 x 1.25 inch / 150 x 30mm
Tires : Innova pneumatic tires 100 PSI
Binding support : NN, NNN, NNN-BC, Salomon SNS
Reverse Locks: yes, in both front wheels
Brakes : no (optional Wahia brake)!

Scope of delivery: 

2 x R9 Wahia 200 skates

8 x Binding Adapter

1 x tool set

1 x quick start guide

skike r9 WAHIA Rollerski 200 RLS - Roll and Pole
skike r9 WAHIA Rollerski 200 RLS Sale price€456,55

inspired by skikes

Take your rollerskis off-road with 200mm wheels

No need for new bindings

Compatible with NN, NNN, NNN-BC, and Salomon SNS bindings

skike reverse lock inside wheel

Climb any slope

Reverse locks

Conquer any terrain with the Wahia R9 200's reverse lock technology. This feature prevents the front wheels from rotating backward, ensuring optimal grip and control during uphill climbs. Confidently explore new trails and conquer steeper slopes with ease.

skike frame front

Expanded horizon

For up to 120kg

The Wahia R9 200 stands out with its impressive weight capacity of up to 120 kg, offering stability and control for heavier skaters.

skike Wahia Rollerski Brake on display with a R8 Wahia

A brake for any Rollerski

Wahia rollerski Brake

The Wahia Rollerski Brake is a universal brake designed to enhance safety and control while rollerskiing. It attaches directly to your ski boot and operates independently from the rollerski itself. With its lightweight and unobtrusive design, the Wahia brake provides reliable stopping power without hindering your performance. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rollerskier, this brake offers peace of mind and increased confidence on your adventures.

skike WAHIA Rollerski Brake

A Comprehensive, Low-Impact Workout

What Makes Cross Skating Great

Cross Skating is a full-body sport that trains over 90% of your muscles, promoting coordination and balance. It enhances cardiovascular and muscular endurance through prolonged, intense activity. The low-impact nature, with pneumatic wheels absorbing most of the pressure, minimizes shocks to your joints compared to running. Enjoy a total body workout that’s gentle on your joints and great for overall fitness.

Ready to experience the benefits? Start your Cross Skating journey today!

skike v9 FIRE 200 Cross Skate displayed in a scenic surrounding
A man skating on a v07 RED skike Cross Skate
A woman on a v9 FIRE 200 Skike Cross Skate
4 Cross Skaters on an asphalt road
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