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skike v7 Plus Pro

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The legend lives on. The skike v7 PLUS Pro is the lastest version of the world's all time favourite Cross Skate. Now built with lighter materials and top shelf technical improvements it defends its place as the number one choice among Nordic skaters and outdoor sportsmen. The makeover includes new rims, a brake with cooling fins, one hand setup, and quick releases for easy adjustments - not to forget the very useful detachable mudguards on both 6 inch wheels.

Technical Specs

Weight: 2,69 kg per skate

Material: Aluminium and high quality plastic

Dimensions: 79,5 x 27,0 x 30,0 cm

Color: Black/Orange

Weight limit: 120kg

Shoe sizes: 36-47 EU

Scope of delivery

2 x v7 Plus Pro skates

1 x tool set

1 x quick start guide


skike v7 Plus Pro - Roll and Pole
skike v7 Plus Pro Sale price€355,78 Regular price€406,61
2 men and 1 woman on a skike base skating

Fits any Shoes

Perfect Fit for Anyone

The Skike V7 Plus Pro fits European shoe sizes 36-47 (US sizes 5-13). With adjustable belts and a calf plate, it ensures a perfect fit for any shoe. Supporting up to 120kg, this model offers versatility and durability for all users.

Low impact

Low Impact 150mm Pneumatic Wheels

The Skike V7 Plus Pro features low-impact 150mm pneumatic wheels, perfect for both smooth and rough surfaces. These wheels provide excellent cushioning and traction, making them ideal for asphalt and country lanes alike.

Versatile and Lightweight Skates

The Skike V7 Plus Pro is perfect for both skating and cross skating. Lightweight and ideal for various terrains, it offers excellent performance and ease of use. This model comes fully equipped with quick-release levers instead of screws, mudguards, and an upgraded brake from the V9 series, ensuring enhanced convenience and safety.

Proven Durability, Anytime, Anywhere

Reliable and Safe Skating

The Skike V7 Plus Pro features a sturdy aluminum frame that has proven its durability for over a decade. Combined with a reliable braking system, this model ensures you can skate safely anytime, anywhere. The V7 Plus Pro also includes mudguards that provide dirt protection, and an upgraded brake from the V9 series. Enjoy a dependable and secure skating experience, backed by years of proven performance and a 5-year warranty.

A Comprehensive, Low-Impact Workout

What Makes Cross Skating Great

Cross Skating is a full-body sport that trains over 90% of your muscles, promoting coordination and balance. It enhances cardiovascular and muscular endurance through prolonged, intense activity. The low-impact nature, with pneumatic wheels absorbing most of the pressure, minimizes shocks to your joints compared to running. Enjoy a total body workout that’s gentle on your joints and great for overall fitness.

Ready to experience the benefits? Start your Cross Skating journey today!

skike v9 FIRE 200 Cross Skate displayed in a scenic surrounding
A man skating on a v07 RED skike Cross Skate
A woman on a v9 FIRE 200 Skike Cross Skate
4 Cross Skaters on an asphalt road
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