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skike v9 TOUR 150

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The V9 TOUR 150 has an unobtrusive mechanism built in which has made its predecessor trigger a revolution in Cross Skating - the skike-MULTI technology. This technology enables the user to move forward in the classic cross-country skiing style, while the skate intervenes to support and returns the sports equipment back to the foot from a certain angle. This saves a lot of power and makes it possible to go on extended tours - hence the name of this extraordinary model. Equipped with backstops, elevations can be mastered, lightweight materials such as high-performance plastic and aluminium provide driving pleasure, stability and manoeuvrability. Cooling fins on the brake shoes reduce wear and provide increased braking performance. All adjusters are reliable, easy to reach and easy to use. In addition to the reflective belts, the Innova tires are also on board. Furthermore, thanks to its ingenious mechanics, the TOUR is also ideal for people who just want to casually skate straight ahead in a comfortable way - even though they could cross the Alps with this model.

Technical Specs

Weight: 2,6kg per skate
Wheels : 6 x 1.25 inch / 150 x 30mm
Tires : Innova pneumatic tires
Reverse locks : yes, in front wheels
Material: Aluminium and high quality plastic
Dimensions: 79,5 x 27,0 x 29,0 cm
Color: Black/Silver/Green
Weight limit: 120kg
Shoe sizes: 36-47 EU

Scope of delivery

2 x v9 TOUR 150 skates
2 x Fixing Sets for heel fix
1 x tool set

1 x quick start guide

skike v9 TOUR 150 - Roll and Pole
skike v9 TOUR 150 Sale price€609,97 Regular price€660,82

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skike v9 TOUR skike Cross SKate TOUR function on display


Multi Tech

Revolutionize your cross-country skiing experience with the Skike V9 TOUR's groundbreaking Multi-Technology. Featuring an innovative spring mechanism, this system seamlessly combines the benefits of both classic and skate skiing techniques, allowing you to effortlessly glide over diverse terrain. The spring assists your kick, reducing fatigue and enabling longer, more enjoyable journeys. Experience the future of cross-skating with the Skike V9 TOUR Multi-Technology!

skike reverse lock inside wheel

Climb any slope

Reverse locks

Conquer any terrain with the Skike V9 TOUR 150's innovative reverse lock technology. This feature prevents the front wheels from rotating backward, ensuring optimal grip and control during uphill climbs or when navigating challenging terrain. With the reverse locks engaged, you can confidently push off without the risk of slipping, allowing you to explore new trails and conquer steeper slopes with ease.

A skike v9 TOUR 200 Cross Skate with one4all 30% adjustable carbon poles propped on it

Fits any Shoes

Perfect Fit for Anyone

Experience the ultimate in comfort and performance with the Skike V9 TOUR Multi-Technology. This innovative system, equipped with a supportive spring mechanism, caters to a wide range of shoe sizes and accommodates riders up to 120 kg (265 lbs). Whether you're a seasoned cross-skater or a beginner, the Skike V9 TOUR ensures a perfect fit and effortless glide for everyone.

Low impact

Low Impact 150mm Pneumatic Wheels

The Skike V9 TOUR 150 features low-impact 150mm pneumatic wheels, perfect for both smooth and rough surfaces. These wheels provide excellent cushioning and traction, making them ideal for asphalt and country lanes alike.

Versatile and Lightweight Skates

The Skike V9 Tour 150 is the versatile cross-country ski trainer, perfect for both classic and skate skiing techniques. Its robust yet lightweight design and pneumatic tires are ideal for on and off-road adventures. The unique multi-technology system with spring assistance enhances your kick for effortless gliding and reduced fatigue. Easily adjustable straps and an intuitive braking system ensure comfort and safety on every journey.

skike frame front

secure for any terrain

Powerful design

The Skike V9 TOUR 150 boasts a sturdy aluminum frame for enhanced durability, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of both on and off-road adventures. The reliable braking system provides exceptional control and safety, while the pneumatic tires with reverse locks on the front wheels offer superior grip and stability on varied terrain. With its lightweight and agile design, the V9 TOUR 150 is perfect for exploring new paths and enjoying a smooth, comfortable ride.

A video of the v9 TOUR 200 Cross SKate in action

A Comprehensive, Low-Impact Workout

What Makes Cross Skating Great

Cross Skating is a full-body sport that trains over 90% of your muscles, promoting coordination and balance. It enhances cardiovascular and muscular endurance through prolonged, intense activity. The low-impact nature, with pneumatic wheels absorbing most of the pressure, minimizes shocks to your joints compared to running. Enjoy a total body workout that’s gentle on your joints and great for overall fitness.

Ready to experience the benefits? Start your Cross Skating journey today!

skike v9 FIRE 200 Cross Skate displayed in a scenic surrounding
A man skating on a v07 RED skike Cross Skate
A woman on a v9 FIRE 200 Skike Cross Skate
4 Cross Skaters on an asphalt road
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